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Jenny Moye, VA Boston, Faculty
I remember this article conversation!
Jenny Moye, VA Boston, Faculty
Re promoting papers - The journal I edit (Clinical Gerontologist) gives each author 50 free eprints. Authors use twitter to share the link for this - so its a way to share the full article for situations where you article is not open access (up to 50 times).
Jenny Moye, VA Boston, Faculty
I was worried about that too Grace - but I haven't found much intersection between Academic Twitter and Political Twitter. It is also MUCH easier to block content you don't want to see on Twitter v. Facebook. You can mute all texts that contain certain words of people or concepts.
David Topor
ill have some at the end if there is time for discussion
David Topor
whats an example of a hashtag for this post?
Jenny Moye, VA Boston, Faculty
so informative! Always appreciate learning from a pro!