April 1: Harvard C-CHANGE Media Webinar with APHA & Dr. Hayhoe on COVID-19 and Climate Change - Shared screen with speaker view
Skye Flanigan
After the opening remarks, we will take questions via the chat box. Please add your name, outlet and question and we will do our best to get to as many questions as possible. We will take them one by one. If we don’t get to your question we can follow up by email after the webinar. Contact: Anna Miller amiller@hsph.harvard.edu.
Seth Borenstein
It's Seth Borenstein, science writer, The Associated Press. Can both Dr. Benjamin and Dr. Hayhoe talk about how the value of expertise and expert knowledge has been on the decline and if they feel the COVID-19 experience is changing this and how will that translate to listening to climate scientists and other experts? Did ignoring/downplaying expertise contribute to this problem and what climate change lesson/analogy is there?
Stephen Leon
What may the Private Sector do?
Can you elaborate on the link between air pollution and more-severe coronavirus cases? Do you expect to see that with this pandemic in major metros or near industrial areas?
Yvette Brazier, Medical News Today: There are reports of lower pollution levels now. What will after the pandemic?
Hi. Jenny Staletovich w WLRN Public Radio. Can you talk about what you’re seeing happen to carbon levels in the atmosphere. I’ve seen readings on NO2, but was told by University of Miami atmospheric scientists that CO2 readings are still about 2 weeks away. Thanks.
Stephen Leon
Angie Lassman from NBC6 South Florida… Countries are expected to announce updated targets from Paris Agreement this year. Should we expect countries goals to be less aggressive because of the economic toll of COVID19?
Philip Kithil
I am Phil Kithil, CEO Ocean-based Climate Solutions Inc. My question for Katherine Hayhoe relates to the dramatic drop in oil price partly due to economic shutdown from COVID19. This makes fossil fuels relatively cheaper, worsening economics vs clean energy. Your comments?
Zoe Schlanger
Hi, Zoë Schlanger here — how can people prepare individually for the potential overlapping threats of pandemic and the upcoming wildfire/hurricane/tornado seasons?
Betsy Ladyzhets
Betsy Ladyzhets, Stacker Media. What are resources you would recommend for identifying at-risk populations in different parts of the country (people with pre-existing conditions, communities impacted by pollution, etc.) and connecting the health of those populations to climate change?
Can Dr. Bernstein elaborate on what climate solutions are also pandemic solutions and why?
Rebecca Leber with Mother Jones: Can you elaborate on the direct effect climate change has on the spread of infectious diseases? Isn’t there’s discussion of this in the IPCC and National Climate Assessment on these impacts?
Mark Friedman
It is no accident that the EPA chooses this time to give this gift to industry... A free pass on all the pollution they want to commit without fines nor consequences.And the Trump administration loosens pollution controls on automobile companies. Combined these roll-back decades of efforts to improve our health.Likewise, Washington charges the elected government of Maduro in Venezuela with drug trafficking. Isn't this the same as falsely charging the Cuban government for decades without any facts to support it. Meanwhile, the US Army carried out a massive drug for guns exchange to finance their war against Nicaragua and from JFK on, regime change efforts and clandestine operations against Castro and the Cuban people, like swine flu introduction.This is all connected to media omissions of the existence of a Cuban medicine that mediates CoVid-19 symptoms, duration and fatality, and that Cuban doctors have been requested and sent to 50 countries; Italy, France, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Who is going to connect the dots between the virus and climate change. We all agree with what is being said here. WHO is going to take the lead on connecting this and tell the word?
Laura Otto
Hi, I am teaching an environmental journalism course to students in Milwaukee. What message would you share with young journalists who are feeling overwhelmed by COVID-19, but want to continue to report about environmental issues in their communities? Are there any student-centric stories that are especially important to tell now?
Al Powell
Al Powell Harvard Gazette. How disruptive/expensive would climate solutions be to the country compared to the disruption/cost of the current pandemic. Does our current response show that the level of change needed for climate can be done?
What can we do urgently to call out and/or stop the cessation of enforcement of environmental protective regulations during COVID-19
Recommendations for how best to push back against yesterday’s emissions rollback?
Stephen Leon
For proactive purposes, I would implore everyone to visit my company’s patent pending (ICASST) solution to climate change mitigation. We are conglomerating. facebook.com/alandustry ~ linkedin.com/in/alandustry
Michael Eisenscher
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Paige Knappenberger
NCA report on climate change and health: https://health2016.globalchange.gov/
Paige Knappenberger
And chapter 14 of the Fourth National Climate Assessment: https://nca2018.globalchange.gov/downloads/NCA4_Ch14_Human-Health_Full.pdf
I have read that there have been 28 previously unidentified classes of viruses detected in melt water from Antarctica, preserved in glaciers. Are we studying how to address the potential for further pandemics from previously unknown viruses?
Stephen Leon
I have an IP attorney, I know what I’m doing. This cause is too important.
Sorry to leave this conversation. Have class in 5 minutes to teach. Wonderful discussion.
From Catrin Einhorn at the NYT to Dr. Hayhoe. We know that destroying habitat and closer proximity to wildlife = more zoonotic diseases. But even though China cracked down on wet markets, won’t the collapse of tourism and resulting economic crisis for communities around the world lead to more reliance on wild animals for food?
Lisa Cinar
Can any of the existing masks that protect us against environmental pollutants (dust masks, filters, etc.) be safely used by medical staff to help protect against COVID-19? (Many of us are without access to N95 or other medical masks.)
Emma Ignaszewski (Climate Up Close)
What are the backfire risks of overselling the link between climate change and COVID-19 in terms of sustaining evidence-based depictions of climate science and human health? Is “nature is telling us something” a message rigorous enough for climate communicators to be leveraging?
Stephen Leon
I do retain trade secrets however under 18 USC ss 1839(3)…
Priyanka Fernandes
I have noticed that people in power/wealthy usually are the ones making the decisions for the rest of the country. Has there been thought about focusing on those populations to see how climate change affects them? Sounds silly but just thinking out loud.
Brad Carl
Brad Carl - The Nature Conservancy of Oklahoma. With oil and gas taking a MASSIVE and historic hit on their industry and profits, how can we build their appetite to pursue cleaner solutions and diversify if they have much more limited capital to work with for climate change efforts going forward compared to before?
Judy Doctoroff
Mark Hertsgaard from The Nation and Covering Climate Now. Are you going to ask any of the questions that were submitted BEFORE this session began?
Joseph Wraithwall
A study found that the cost of reducing climate emissions 80% by 2050 in California alone would be equal to only in-state public health benefits. Even if global emissions rise, local climate mitigation/air pollution reduction pencils out on local public health benefits alone.
Skye Flanigan
Judy Doctoroff
Mark Hertsgaard of The Nation and Covering Climate Now question: Has anyone calculated how much president Trump’s weeks of denying and downplaying the COVID crisis will increase the morbidity and mortality toll?
Stephen Leon
Infrastructure Conversion, Adaption and Symbiotic Stabilization Thereof (ICASST)
Stephen Leon
We’re all over this in Arlington, VA…
Liz Purchia
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