Positive aging conference - Shared screen with speaker view
Claire Panke New York, NY
Thanks for the shout out about my film! If anyone is interested I can be reached at clairepanke@gmail.com and you can see a trailer on the website, posted above and again here https://lightyearsfilm.com
Carol Gallagher
Hi Jan, We met through the Boston Transition Network
Carol Gallagher Boston
That book is why I am here!
Carolyn Val-Schmidt
Same here.
Rick Moody (San Mateo, CA)
For those interested in Ukraine related to climate crisis, send me (Rick Moody) a request and I'll share information on this topic: hrmoody@yahoo.com
Connie Corley (Los Angeles area)
Welcome to the Positive Aging Zoom sponsored by Fielding Graduate University’s Creative Longevity and Program Initiative. Please post any questions here and we will address those that we can after the conversation.
Connie Corley (Los Angeles area)
If you can, change your name on the screen, add on your location: for example, “Connie Corley (Los Angeles area)”
Rick Moody (San Mateo, CA)
Ellen Langer
Rick Moody (San Mateo, CA)
Becca Levy (Yale)
Alan Whyman
Will this webinar be available to rewatch?
Connie Corley (Los Angeles area)
Yes Alan it is being recorded. Reach out to Dr. Moody for the link: hrmoody@yahoo.com
Becky King Boston area
Would you speak to the challenge of role-to-soul when a partner is involved who may need care due to health (dementia/illness)—in other word, how to maintain the “who I am now” while juggling another’s needs??
Connie Corley (Los Angeles area)
Thank you Becky for the question. I will be moderating the Q and A in about 15 minutes.
Zoe Sands
Many people have to keep working due to financial needs.
Jacquie Wheeler - Boston
I agree - I think there are different stages for 'older adults.' i.e. it's not just about a post societal 'retirement' age.
Alan Whyman
Part of the trouble is that many people have their identity closely connected to their job. The definition of success in our society is still closely tied to financial success.
Connie Corley (Los Angeles area)
Feel free to type your questions in the chat. Comments too, thank you Zoe, Jacquie and Alan
Michael Copple
Another good book on this topic is David Brook's book, The Second Mountain. He makes the case from going from ego driven work to soul driven work.
Iris Nafshi
Are there inner work lessons from aging that can be transferred to earlier stages such as mid life? in other words, what can people in middle age do to fins who they are? what do I bring? what is my definition of success - but earlier in life?
Alan Whyman
There are also expectations that the elderly should get out of make way for the young. Wasn't it Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook who said that the young are just smarter. Being rich, beautiful and young are still considered the most important goals to have and we are constantly being given that message.
Larry Jacobson
I am working now as hard if not harder than I was in my career. For a few reasons, I’ve become more creative, I like helping others, and I feel as though time is running out. I have to “hurry up” and finish my books I’m working on before I sail over the horizon. I question if I should instead, stop and re-calculate who I am. Yet, I think I’ve figured that out. I wonder if I’m missing something?
Alan Whyman
How do you define Soul? It sounds very spiritual and disembodied.
Jacquie Wheeler - Boston
There is a freeing later on - we care less about perceptions, what people think.
Connie, can you recap your intro on Ukraine. I was late jumping on to the meeting.
Jacquie Wheeler - Boston
Can you speak about 'belonging' for childless individuals?
Alan Whyman
The comedian Paula Poundstone made the observation/joke that adults ask kids what they want to be when they grow up because they are looking for ideas.
Michael Copple
I wanted to follow up on Alan's point - How do you define Soul? It sounds very spiritual and disembodied. - Don't you think that there is a perception problem with soul, purpose, etc. I think that a lot of coaches put a different spin on it in trying to explain. Personally I think it is basic design thinking.
Rick Moody (San Mateo, CA)
"The afternoon of life must have a meaning of its own. It cannot merely a pitiful appendage to life's morning." (Jung)
Marrey Embers
What practice or suggestions do you. Have when we find ourself coming from ego or seeing others there?
Alan Whyman
What do you say to people who are not able to afford to retire and do other more fulfilling things?
Leslie T. Los Angeles
How does this apply to others other than middle class, white, people with families...…...this feels just like how we look on screen...…...all very similar and class.
Rick Moody (San Mateo, CA)
See the film "Say Amen Somebody," for insight into the Black Church and its choral music tradition: all presented around two people, a man and a woman, both elders, both important leaders of the Black Church.
Leslie T. Los Angeles
I don't understand that the nervous system is the same for all. There is so much research now that it is society that causes PTSD, not just the nervous system like we used to think
Becky King Boston area
Thank you Dori, Connie and Rick!
Joseph Beyene, Boston, Ma
How do you discover your unique gift to the world that is apart of “being” and not “doing”?
Jacquie Wheeler - Boston
Could sometime put the book titles/authors mentioned today in the chat, please?
Connie Zweig (Marina del Rey, Ca)
The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul
Alan Whyman
Some of this is the pressure and expectations that our society place on elderly people to think and behave a certain way.
Connie Corley (Los Angeles area)
Sarah Zeff Geber “SOLO AGING”
Clarissa Sawyer/Boston
Unlike the stereotype, child free elders have thriving extended networks of friends and family.
Connie Zweig (Marina del Rey, Ca)
If you want a Wisdom Circle, email me at conniezweig@gmail.com