Marshall Ganz - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 2/2
Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher
Please feel free to use the chat too to get your reflections out!
Hannah Bowles
I have a couple of tech questions: Can the host have visibility into what is happening in the breakout groups?
Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher
Hannah: yes, the host and co-hosts can move between breakout sessions to see what’s going on!
Hannah Bowles
Follow-up to Rahel’s question: Did you craft the “3-min” message? Can we repeat the discussion question in that message?
Suzanne Cooper
I think the host can drop into any breakout group...Sarah will know for sure.
Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher
Yes, I just broadcast the time that’s left to keep groups on time, you could certainly broadcast the discussion question, but as you saw, it’s a temporary flash on the screen
Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher
Usually students will have copies of the slides and the questions would be on there!
Ashraf Hegazy
The host can move between breakout rooms but, as far as I know, can't just "observe" without the participants knowing. Important for trust within the room.
Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher
Spot on, Ashraf. They’ll see that you’re there
Hannah Bowles
Can we get these slides?
Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher
Yes! We will send both the slides and the recording of the session.
Hannah Bowles
Thank you!!
Douglas Johnson
Can you send out the article you reference? Carol?
Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher
We can attach the article as well in the follow-up email
Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher
Carol Dweck, Chapter 1 - The Mindsets
Hannah Bowles
Technical question: Have you had problems projecting videos? I was in a training recently that discouraged use of videos, but seems to be working here very well.
Quinton Mayne
So, the section meetings happen outside of class time?
Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher
Hannah: we use videos in almost every session we do. One really important trick is that when you press screen share, there are two buttons you can check at the bottom of the screen to optimize audio and optimize video. It’s vital to click both of those, otherwise the video can be grainy and/or hard to hear
Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher
Quinton: yes, sections meet on Thursdays for 90 minutes while lectures happen on Tuesdays for 90 minutes
Quinton Mayne
Aditi Parekh
Also better to play videos from a video player rather than from your presentation
Allison Pingree
Do the breakout groups also get recorded and transcribed?
Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher
Allison: no, only the breakout group that’s in the main room would get transcribed and recorded!
Allison Pingree
Ok, thanks!
Rahel Dette
In MLD-203, we introduce a “open for all” discussion in three rounds:
Rahel Dette
1) Prof. Leary called on people, 2) she invited students to call on each other, and 3) eventually we opened the floor to everyone — it worked! (n=1, i.e. we only did this once; can keep you posted)
Allison Pingree
Are private chats also recorded?
Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher
No, thank goodness!
Allison Pingree
Suzanne Cooper
the meeting organizer can also turn off the ability to have private chats...
Ronnie Heifetz
Very interesting about group discussion in MLD-203. thanks.
Becca Miller
Signing off, thank you all so much!
Sarah ElRaheb-Dagher
Thank you!
Allison Pingree
Signing off now - wonderful to be with you all, and THANK you to Marshall, Sarah and Aditi!
Kessely Hong
Huge thanks Marshall, Sarah and Aditi for giving us all hope in building a real sense of community online!
farayi chipungu
Thank you Marshall, Sarah and Aditi! This has been so great!
Hannah Bowles
Thank you, Marshall, Sarah, and Aditi!!!
Hannah Bowles
Thank you, Kessely!
Josh Bookin
Excellent session — thanks to the facilitators, and to all at HKS who made it possible.
Edward Cunningham
Thanks to you all - the video was excellent and very helpful….
Hannah Bowles
Some of my notes below, plus I took a lot of screen shots. • Start session with music• Encourage participants to show gallery of participants• Hold down space bar to unmute (work consistently?)• Warm and engaging facilitator with face close to camera. Critical role! Separate entirely from the speaker/lead presenter. Watching expressions, chat room—“engaging emotional intelligence.”• “You have to be more engaged in engaging people.”• Some confusion about what was the discussion question once we broke into small groups. You can project the question along with timing messages, but they only flash briefly on the screen.• Keep breakouts very short (e.g., 3 mins)• Give people roles• Build group ID in chat rooms (e.g., names, song, etc.)• Incomplete chats can be brought to a discussion board• Marshall: “You can do online whatever you can do in a room as long as you establish the relationships.”  Makes me wonder if we could do an online cocktail hour with shifting breakout rooms.
Kessely Hong
I learned you can build trust and encourage a willingness to be vulnerable online!
Lee Warren
Helpful: it does seem to be possible, and for ordinary mortals. thanks so much!!!
kathryn Sikkink
One of your last points, Marshall, that anything you can do in a classroom, you can do online, was a big take away for me.
Josh Bookin
My take-away: “We’re all learning. Lets’s be partners in this work."
Quinton Mayne
Take-away: promise and potential of sections alongside plenary class.
Randolph Wentworth
Marshall:You were so relaxed online, it made me feel more relaxed trying this next week.
Natasha Jones
Thank you for sharing your collective experience and reflections! One take away is the possibility of “open office hours.” Can you say more about how you set this up on zoom?
Monica Giannone
Takeaways: can really create a community online; how to use the raise hand and/or chat feature to organize the group discussion. Thank you thank you!
Ashraf Hegazy
That the chat doesn't have to be a distraction, especially if used purposefully.
Shana Yansen
Thank you all this was incredible-- takeaway is anything is possible with Zoom and online learning...lets see where we can take it!
Rahel Dette
This was really terrific!! Beautiful modeling & brilliant ideas. Super insightful — and we will definitely introduce these ideas in our on-going authority class. MANY great points. But I REALLY love this one especially: getting a quick read on what everyone is taking away / where everyone is at is clever! And, indeed, something that may not be possible in an in-person-in-classroom class.
Fern Fisher
Takeaways for Force Multiplier House Parties:
Stephen Krupin
Takeaway: Thank you for allowing us to try the breakout rooms and showing your screensharing of videos. One major takeaway is Marshall's advice: "You have to be more engaged in engaging people."
Erin Shackelford
It was very helpful to see the videos of Marshall interaction with a gallery view of students to get a sense of how it looks and feels - and how community could be built. Thank you for sharing Marshall, Sarah, and Aditi! You are remarkable.
Ralph Ranalli
My takeaway: Never assume a necessary workaround way of doing things is going to be lesser than the traditional way. Keep an open mind to the possibilities.
Douglas Johnson
Concern is with chaos and fighting it with over control. You show the importance of organizing smaller groups to build intimacy and make the large group feel boned enough that it can tolerate your controls.
Isha Nirola
One learning for me was leveraging capacity and diversity on the teaching team. And thinking of small ways to help students feel connected to one another using zoom (like the applause at the end) :)
Dan Levy
We are all learning is key message. Importance of creating community. And being deliberate about what you are trying to do. Thank you Marshall and Sarah! This was very helpful!
Carol Axelrod
Such a rich resource! Who knew that using virtual platforms could have so many advantages. A “bronze lining” of the virus… Thank you so much. Force Multiplier will be exploring lots of the functions we’ve learned about today.
Joan Moon
Thank you for sharing! I’m looking forward to re-watching the recording since I had to join late. My takeaway: it’s possible to make distance learning feel less distant. Takeaway #2: As a former student, I think students would be so encouraged to see the dedication of the faculty and teaching teams on this call. On their behalf, I want to say thank you to everyone here. Stay safe and healthy!
Debra Smith
It was reassuring to hear that the sense of connection and trust that we can build in the classroom will not be lost in this new learning environment; in fact, it may even be enhanced. Heartfelt thanks to Marshall, Sarah, and all for an inspiring and reassuring experience. Be well.
Fern Fisher
important role of facilitator and other roles in addition to Ambassador/speaker . potential of breakout groups to amplify personal connection/interaction. Explicitness of norms and positive messaging a bout benefits of online platform. Value of variety of formats during event - i.e. not just talking heads. Think through how to use chat box with explicit asks.
Tom Hallock
Key learnings for me were in creating community experience online by gallery view, unmuting for applause, break out rooms. Also very helpful to get language for orienting people to norms of new tech environment. Big shout to Sarah from whom I learned much!
Fern Fisher
Questions: My screen only has 4 x 4 grid, but the video showed 5 x 5. Is that a function of my computer, or is that a setting somewhere?
Fern Fisher
Is the transcription option a function of the level of zoom account?
Fern Fisher
Thank you!