Designing Equitable Green Infrastructure with Mission-based Communities in St. Louis, MO - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Bloom
Wanted to say hello from Houston, Texas. There are no combined sewer systems in our area, but the City has adopted a new green stormwater incentive program with three programs and a fourth pending. The City is willing to defer some property tax revenue with the abatement program. More information can be obtained here: http://www.houstontx.gov/igd/
John Eddy, Arup
April, one of your pillars is sharing knowledge. What have you learned from the communities about the best ways to design and maintain the projects in there neighborhoods?
jack spengler
really enjoyed learning about this collaboration. Jack
Kathy Collins
Great presentation! Thank you SO much Jill, April, Bruce, Judith, and Pastor McNeal!
Carlos Velasquez
Thank you!!
April Mendez | Greenprint Partners | She/her
Thanks so much Kathy and everyone!