Friday Morning Seminar - May 7 with Ethan Manelin - Shared screen with speaker view
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Hi Aneel, Thinking about crisis in India…
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Thanks Arlene — yes very concerning there. Thankfully my team is doing well. Starting to get their vaccines
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Give me Comfort ….
very moving ethnography: young children using substances and the epidemic of overdoses on the west coast: we have seen that many fragile adolescents are now dying and their care often is channelled into forensics when their are numerous police involvements and antisocial encounters , they often have little family support or their parents cannot find suitable substance abuse interventions so the death rates in bc are far higher than covid
Eric Jacobson
Paul thanks for your greatly illuminating comments; you’ve crafted a very perceptive analysis of “care” and institutional “reform” that is a valuable addition to our perspectives on these phenomena!
Janis Jenkins
Highly detailed ethnographic presentations & commentary on care and political economy of health; complex questions generated at the structural level in this case study where reform is utterly ineffective. Thanks to all for today’s presentation and excellent for wrap up of this academic year. Happy to know we will continue on next AY. Must dash off to another thing, now, unfortunately. Warm wishes to all - JJ
Michael M. J. Fischer
Great comments, Paul
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Michael&Michele Nathan
Invigorating discussion and analysis. In addition to caution about condemning reform projects as too little to late, we often ignore the small successes that are critical in this field. Clinically, those I work with who treat addiction disorders face small numbers of success and larger numbers of "failures" (though with the exception of deaths, the failures are usually framed as setbacks, not an end result). Nonetheless, they usually celebrate the "saves" as, even though uncommon, they serve as evidence of the value of what they do. I think similar small successes drive the value of programs like those we are discussing today.
Michael&Michele Nathan
Also, in terms of the economies of care: While cost containment is commonly explicitly part of reform projects (and documentable at least in the example of intensive case management), it's important to remember that essentially all preventive programs carry a cost per QALY that is a core part of the literature regarding interventions in medical economics. In those cases, there is never an argument of cost savings, but an argument about utility and moral value of intervention.
Michael&Michele Nathan
As I'm listening to Phillippe, I'm realizing that my above comments are founded in my clinical work (and it's associated justification and rationalization of how we work). I don't mean to minimize the incredible value of the critique we're engaged in today.
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Mary Jo DelVecchio Good
Your experiences are really valuable
thank you for this outstanding series of seminars
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Mary Jo DelVecchio Good
Thanks to all who have participated throughout the year. The Pandemic Era. And special appreciation to Charlotte and Ethan for their brilliant and provocative realities through their work and presentation today.
Arlene Katz
thank you all for the outstanding, provocative and creative engagement today and this semester!!
Aneel Brar
A wonderful seminar year and very happy to have the opportunity to attend regularly online.
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Dear all: I must leave to prepare for another meeting. This has been a WONDERFUL year. Thank you for continuing the seminar through the pandemic, and doing such a masterful job of pulling so many people together from so many different parts of the world. It’s been a great year.
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A HUGE thank you to Mary Jo for such a thoughtful organizing of speakers this year, and to Sadeq for his incredible support!!
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Just to add my words of thanks for the year of seminars, for inviting me to participate today, and for keeping the flame alive. So great to interact again with people who have been my teachers and friends for many years.
Philippe Bourgois
Congrats on this seminar and these presentations/comments. Let's think of periodically doing a joint periodic seminar session on these themes of social medicine/care/reform-doing no harm-recognition etc...
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Thank you alll
Michael&Michele Nathan
@Mary Jo: That form of care (the open door) might be exemplified by the organizations that do street healthcare, like Boston Healthcaare For the Homeless, who's guiding mission is to meet the clients where they are!
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One of the beauties this year has been the opportunity to have a continuity in attendance that has allowed as all to deepen conversation around brilliant presentations.
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this has been a really great and organized seminar. thanks everyone
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Gotta run - great job Charlotte and Ethan!
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Sorry to have to run — many thanks to all of today’s presenters, and to all the organizers for keeping the conversation going this year. So good to see everyone!
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Great discussion today, thank to everyone
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