Adams Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Luong
Do you know if those credits are only applicable to the Cambridge summer school or if they can be applied to study abroad programs?
Meena Venkataramanan
Can we waive the student health fee (different from student health insurance) if we’re going to be doing distance learning this semester?
Jeffrey Prince
Will students who live locally but are not officially “on campus” have access to any facilities, or will they be in the same boat as leave of absence students?
Are there any updates on the storage situation?
Busola Banjoh
What support systems are students going to get from Harvard when we are enrolled in classes off campus yet taking classes isolated from other students?
Lily Gulledge
In this system would people be administering their own tests or going somewhere like UHS to get tested?
Jeffrey Prince
Speaking candidly how different do you think the learning experience will be from last spring? Is Zoom going to be the primary platform again?
Elida Kocharian
Will there be a J-term or January housing offered for seniors who need to do lab work/research for theses, esp since the spring term is pushed back?
Busola Banjoh
Additionally how is offering summer school classes to students who will have to get summer jobs going to work when the rising juniors/seniors will most likely have to get internships/jobs to make up for the opportunities lost this summer? Will there be the opportunity for the waived tuition to be used the following fall semester?
Ally’s iPhone
I just waived the student health fee yesterday, I just put myself as a “part-time or less” student
Lily Gulledge
The LEQ is also on your my.harvard homepage, that’s probably the easiest place to find it!
William Shen
Is Harvard reconsidering its policies prohibiting students on leaves of absence from participating in extracurriculars and holding course assistant positions, etc given that everything is digital now?
Busola Banjoh
Given Harvard’s decision to already plan for spring and having seniors back for spring only (really), is there any really likelihood more people (like juniors) will be back on campus? Would this just lead to false hope if we think we have a shot being back to campus?
Thank you so much for doing this for us :))))
Katie Farkouh
Shannon Jones
Thanks for being our everything, Chip!
Kevin Huang
Busola Banjoh
I do have one last question! Are there any tangibles ways Harvard announced zoom will be different this year?