Nutrition and Global Health Monthly Seminar - Shared screen with speaker view
Wafaie W. Fawzi
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Joachim Sackey
Phrases like equitability, sustainability, planetary costs mean more expensive food for many people in both developed and developing countries and with the pandemic hitting incomes globally, how do you convince individuals or policy makers to improve food systems?
Christopher Deweir Golden
Really excellent presentation @Jess Fanzo!! I have to jump to another meeting unfortunately, but I am so glad that everyone was able to hear this presentation.
Kenny Mendoza-Herrera
Thank you so much! Wonderful presentation!
Christopher Duggan
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Ye Shen
Thanks for a great presentation! Would you mind elaborating on how your team is currently going about the “Diagnose and decide” piece as the next step of the “Food System Dashboard”? Thank you!
Thank you Dr. Fanzo, what other differences do you see in how the food systems will develop under the two potential political situations to come
Isabel Madzorera
Really interesting presentation and discussion. I am wondering if Dr Fanzo could say something about how there can be multiple food systems within 1 country eg in LMICs in SSA. Any thoughts on how countries can prioritize and navigate through different needs eg for rural vs urban communities.
Hi Jess, very interesting talk. I do a lot of work comining remote sensing data with on-the-ground food security metrics, so your example of remote sensing data available hourly and stunting data available every four years really rang true for me. What opportunities do you see for more real-time data on-the-groud data on food systems? Do you think there is potential for data from from the big tech companies (for example Google Trends) to help us understand food systems?