Friday Morning Seminar - October 15 with Seinenu Thein-Lemelson & Colleagues - Shared screen with speaker view
David Jed Schwartz
as to why therer has been relative silence about the situation in Myanamar, it would be helpful to all potential critics of the regime, if theeconomicsituation and structure of Burma wre made more clear, even in today's discussion, perhaps?
David Jed Schwartz
for example, how much debt does the regime labor under. from whom have the loans been extended?
David Jed Schwartz
are the conditions for reextending the debt clar, or are they negotiable? assuming that there are difficulties in repaying whatever debts exist? and, what ae the principle sources of national income, contributing to the national GDP and GNP?
Michael M. J. Fischer
China is a counterpoint to Western pressure
David Jed Schwartz
my guess is that the international fin. instituyions. the WB and IMF are imposing neoliberal austerity like conditions upon the country, inorder to extend further debbts. if this is so, then protests need to be directed at those IFI insittuions perhaps?
Courtney Thomas Wittekind
ကျန်မက ဘာမေးခွန်းမှ မရှိပေမယ့် ရှင်တို့ရဲ့အတွေ့အကြုံအကြောင်းပွင့်ပွင့်လင်းလင်း ရဲစိတ်ရဲမာန်နဲ့ ပြောခဲ့တဲ့အတွက်ကျေးဇူးတင်ပါတယ်။ အရေးတော်ပုံ အောင်မြင်ရမည်
Courtney Thomas Wittekind
[just a thank you for our brave panelists]
David Jed Schwartz
austerity conditions breed rebellion and dissent, challenges to the regime, whichit is attempting to rperss. the root of the problem seems perhaps to be the conditions imposed by the IMF and WB?
Samia Christina Akhter-Khan
Thank you to all panelists for this insightful session! ကျေးဇူးတင်ပါတယ် အရေးတော်ပိုအောင်ရမည်!
Maha Y. See
Thank you so much for having this panel.I’m struck by my own silence. I am an American, born in Burma. I am in San Francisco right now and yet not verbal right here because it is recorded. I founded Myanmar Clinical Psychology Consortium (MCPC) in 2017, the country’s first and only organized clinical and counseling psychology program. We are a registered local NGO in Yangon/Rangoon, which also means that we have to be “careful” even under NLD government. I continue to work with my MCPC team inside Myanmar/Burma—quietly.
Maha Y. See
What I say, even from outside Burma, have repercussions for my team of counsellors there. So, I am hypervigilant with my communication. I am safe here but my team there is not. Some of our MCPC alumni are continuing with our mental health education, psychoeducation and direct services in Myanmar that is so needed with ongoing trauma of COVID and the coup.I have a PsyD in Clinical Psychology. Incidentally, I worked with 88 political prisoners and refugees of many ethnic groups from Burma and all over the world in the Bay Area between 2006 and 2016. I was a mental health professional who was vocal about Myanmar, especially for refugees and immigrants, but no longer for now.
Maryellen Hurwitz
Thank you Maha Y. See
Maria de lourdes beldi de alcantara
Can you write ?
Maria de lourdes beldi de alcantara
The name of monástica institutos
Samia Christina Akhter-Khan
Amy Moran Thomas
Thank you so much to all of today’s panelists for sharing about your work and these experiences.
Izzy Yeoh
Thank you so much to all the speakers today.
jaswant guzder
thank you for the bravery of the speakers and this important offering
Kenneth Wong
Ma Ba Tha (Burmese acronym) is better known as The Organization for the Protection of Race and Religion in English. The Sangha Maha Nayana is the government-sanctioned monastic institution that oversees monasteries and monastic examinations.
Antonio Bullon
Thank you very much for your bravery in speaking up defending the dignity of so many people
Shwe Yee Win
ကျေးဇူးတင်ပါသည်; Thank you speakers –– especially Ma Sung Chin Par and Oo Soe Tun –– for your service, courage, and time. As a member of the Burmese diaspora, this seminar was incredibly insightful and encouraging.
christophe Millien
great ethnographic experiences
Lissie Wahl
Ethnographic and personal.
Edwin Mercado
Thanks for bravely relating your experiences!