ZPH Session: Nature and Health: Green Indoor Infrastructure - Shared screen with speaker view
Abdel Mustafa
Thank you for a very informative presentation. With regard to addressing health disparity for the disadvantaged population, what are some of the measures that can be taken by urban planners and policy makers to extend the benefits of biophilic design?
John Markowitz
What does biophilic design do to actual building energy usage? Thinking about how many LEED designed buildings are actually energy hogs when not managed correctly.
Joan Zofnass
This session certainly reinforces why this past year has been so very damaging with increase of cortisol levels; lack of exposure to nature and in general lack of biophilic design. Hopefully we'll all feel better as we come out of this pandemic.
Joan Zofnass
Have any of you focused on the use of pets in the building and its impact on mental + emotional health?