ZPH Session: Offshore Wind – Rising to meet energy sustainability challenges. Session led by VHB - Shared screen with speaker view
Brian Campbell
Question: How OFFshore WIND will Drive MASS $0.25 KWHR # 3 in us ERATE $$$, to new levels?? How will CHEAP? Offshore Wind Decrease my EBILL?? I've read Offshore is More Expensive than keeping Pre mature Closed 2019 Pilgrim going to 2032 and beyond. MY HERO TED KENNEDY REAL TRUE BLUE DEM DISAGEES! ISONE Future "Backbone"?? is the most expensive Energy = OFFShore Wind == https://robertbryce.com/offshore-wind-plans-will-drive-up-electricity-prices-and-require-massive-industrialization-of-the-oceans/"Offshore Wind Plans Will Drive Up Electricity Prices And Require ‘Massive Industrialization Of The Oceans’.
Ian Magruder
Two potentially related questions: 1) On California’s Central Coast, where I live, we’re obviously looking at floating offshore give deep waters, and want are the cost differences between grounded vs. floating projects? 2) I heard the Rhode Island project ended up pulling in Houston-based oil industry experts to help with installation. To what extent do you see an opportunity to bring offshore oil workers in to the clean economy through offshore wind?
Brian Campbell
Question: How many more NEW 300 MW Gas Peakers will built to Backup 45% (?? Big Claim) Capacity, 800 MW Vineyard Wind Phase #1?? What is project cost? State Representative Randy Hunt (R-Sandwich) said while completely renewable energy is the goal of the state, there are still many gaps in the supply of solar, wind and hydro-powered systems. “It’s ironic that we have to build a fossil fuel plant to make our renewable energy grid more robust,” he said. 2019 Pilgrim Replacement ==NEW 2019 CANAL #3 Gas EGEN according to=== https://www.capenews.net/sandwich/news/officials-gather-to-mark-the-completion-of-canal-3/article_20f661be-ee23-50d6-bbf5-9ef062ccc471.html
Aladdine Joroff
Some opposition to Cape Wind was also based on tribal resources in the area
John Williams
As a part time resident of MV, I am familiar with the early concerns which seem to have been abated in current attitudes.
Jim Grant
Jim Grant
1. Do the Speakers have a Rule of thumb cost per KW for OSW? How many MW can one OSW turbine produce? Who owns the land and who is involved in an OSW land lease agreement?
Ian Magruder
Very helpful, thank you!
Roberto Mezzalama
Question for Jamie. It seems to me that a full development of OSW requires a significant amount of planning, from the use of the seabed to the cumulative impacts on biodiversity, to energy storage or backup power or transmission infrastructures. How do you compare the situation of the UK and the US? And the rest of Europe?
Brian Campbell
Europe NUCLEAR 70% 57 g CO2/KWHR vs GERMany 320g Bonus France 1/2 $$$$ Erate of GERMany https://www.electricitymap.org/zone/FR
KC Sahl
For anyone interested in networking with other offshore wind professionals, please join Offshore Wind Drinks - we have virtual and in-person events around the country. If you would like to join, please email me at ksahl@vhb.com.
Robert Beinstein
For what it's worth (from an admittedly non-technical perspective), anything we've learned as a society has been costly in the beginning. My observation is that humanity typically does an abysmal job of thinking through the entire systemic impact, cost and benefits before deploying new technology. Today, I believe this is changing rapidly. Yes, cost (as currently calculated) will increase initially. But, as KC pointed out, we're not including the negative externalities of carbon pollution, social inequities (thanks Ryan), etc. Let's look at lifecycle costs and benefits before condemning a nascent industry that potentially can vastly improve our power to carbon ratio.
John Williams
As we consider cost of offshore wind at scale, I am wondering about the value of public benefit (economic, social, and environmental returns on investment) possibly realized of these projects at scale?
Brian Campbell
Europe NUCLEAR FRANCE 70% 57 g CO2/KWHR vs DENMARK off shore WIND 200g Bonus France 1/2 $$$$ Erate of GERMany Emap is Google uses to pay RECs for claim of "Carbon Free"??https://www.electricitymap.org/zone/FR
Aladdine Joroff
Thank you!
Brian Campbell
Question: What companies and Finance, Subsides etc. are standing to Gain with Offshore WIND becoming the "Backbone" of ISONE? thank you