Friday Morning Seminar - October 1 with Cheryl Mattingly - Shared screen with speaker view
Fantastic talk!
christophe Millien
very impressive talk
Aneel Brar
I was really moved by your recounting of how black mothers need to negotiate and struggle for the safety of their children. Thank you both.
christophe Millien
thanks very much
christophe Millien
is there a link to genetic, environnement or something else?
Arlene Katz
I’d like to hear more about, or enter into, experience thinking about stigma - the experience of it, being struck by moments that both invoke knowing and not knowing,
Aneel Brar
This may have been answered, but to some white mothers feel the same way about the violence of the ASD diagnosis?
Aneel Brar
Shawna Novak
Kaya- Thank you for sharing. Has there been effort towards diversionary programs rather than the creation of mental health streams during incarceration or jail facilities that are designed for this?
Annabelle Slingerland
Oliver Sacks in his autobio ‘My own life’ as well as the documentary started be ‘fired’ from psychiatry rounds by mentioning punishment has an adverse effect. Is there also a positive prison part where prison is an incubator or even before prison have the unique qualities the spectrum of autism can thrive?
Paul Brodwin
I would be interested in the step by step process by which a child’s transgressive behavior becomes criminalized. What is the route of the “school to prison pipeline” by which kids move from confinement in the classroom, to a police call for service, to the classification of a behavior as an offense, to arrest, booking, and the rest of the downward spiral. Thanks.
Aneel Brar
I’m really struck by the stat Stephanie gave re. Over 1/2 of black and disabled people in the US have experienced an arrest… represents a profoundly dangerous world that needs to be negotiated
Annikki Herranen-Tabibi
^^ re Paul’s comment also the overall question of police presence in schools (something that is currently hotly contested in e.g. Somerville schools)
Annabelle Slingerland
Does it help to fight it or should simultaneously another channel be created to funnel them into or have us learn from them and include their uniqueness to perspectives we not all have? Are there examples of persons families that even if granularly diagnosed, lead to higher pixel pictures for the future?
christophe Millien
I think your for your outstanding lecture . I wondering if all people are not haunted by something. I have the sensation that everyone is haunted. what is your taught about that?
Aneel Brar
Fascinating, thought provoking, insight Michael.
Edward Rohn
Thank you so much for this talk and dialogue. My brain is spinning and how this might intersect with my own work in chronic pain, spinal cord injury, and doctors attitudes to pain medications. Thank you!
Annabelle Slingerland
the diagnostic process even applies to the ICD especially with secondary gains or fears with insurance or interdisciplinary says, as well as for the person him/herself, maybe our clinical boxes are more floatable or should be taught to be seen as dynamic and more polyform, only that awareness among us might help- thanks very much for all the broader scope enriching insights
christophe Millien
yes I agree about the diagnostic process . The notion of family centered care is routed in the social context of the patient. Clinically we need understand the world of our patients to deliver them care in their contexts. Thanks to both presenters for their wonderful lectures
Annabelle Slingerland
Iman- Erin Gruwell, Freedom Writers on having another take on ‘they ll end nowhere’ and how they all got their degrees and secondly their families grew with them
christophe Millien
Sometimes patients are hunted by their social and cultural environment that hamper physician to deliver care appropriately without taking into account of these situations
Sarah Willen
Thank you so much, Cheryl and Stephanie, for this brilliant and powerfully provocative presentation — and to Kaya and Elizabeth for enriching the conversation through the lens of your own work. Need to sign off.
christophe Millien
thanks again
christophe Millien
Thanks Byron for this wonderful meeting today.
Lesley Sharp
Thank you, everyone. This was wonderful! Cheryl, enjoy Denmark!
christophe Millien
thanks Cheryl. i enjoy your outstanding lecture frome Haiti at Mirebalais University Hospital
Holly Coltart
Thank you for the wonderful meeting
Hakizimana Boniface
Thank you so much IMANI. There is always a way to help those kids. And they can do better and overcome their weaknesses. Thank Cheryl and Stephanie for this incredible work you are doing. Thank you.
Aneel Brar
Thank you for the excellent presentation!
jaswant guzder
those of us who work clinically with families who raise children with dual barriers autism and minority children
jaswant guzder
continue to struggle with advocacy and allyship
jaswant guzder
thank you for this excellent sharing of narratives
Annikki Herranen-Tabibi
Thank you so much Stephanie for the powerful presentation and call to action — there is much in what you’ve shared that can inform action and inquiry in other settings, too. Can’t wait to see what becomes of this work.
Susana Orrego Villegas
Thank Stephanie, Cheryl and Kaya.
Elizabeth Carpenter-Song
Thank you, Cheryl and Stephanie!
Paul Brodwin
Thanks for a great seminar to all. High point of my week.
Thanks so much. Very illuminating
Sarah Beck
Thank you!
Shawna Novak
Thanks for the excellent seminar.
Jaelle Dor
Thank you so much.
orkideh behrouzan
So lovely to see you everyone! And thank you Cheryl and Stephanie for this wonderful talk.. Great to see you Cheryl. Sending love to all x
Benito D Isaac
Thank you.
Michael Nathan (he/him/his)
Great and thought provoking session, thank you both so much for leading us into this terrain!
Akile Gürsoy
Very stimulating and heart warming intellectual discussion. The dark and the bright side of life. I have learnt a lot. Thank you. I feel privilidged to be invited to the seminar.
Arlene Katz
Thank you all for the voyage in the space between the known and the unknown, what I have called striking moments, a close cousin to the perplexing particular
Arlene Katz
christophe Millien
sometimes doctors are hunted as well by their own realties
Arlene Katz
Yes Christophe, the dare, commitment to enter into the different worlds… mesi