HBNU Info Session 2022-2023 - Shared screen with speaker view
Dr. Tom Diehl (HBNU Y4)
Ok, no worries
Monica Chaudhry
Thank you so much for this webinar. This was really helpful. I wanted to know more details about the funds that we can apply for? For eg on the website it is mentioned that it is given for equipment, but is it also available for manpower (fieldworkers etc)?
Dr. Claudia Hawkins
Great presentations Kaelo and Tom
Kelsey J Carthew
Hi Monica--thank you for attending and for submitting a question! Do you mind resubmitting it in the Q&A, just to ensure it gets answered? Thanks so much!
Dr. David Hamer
Nicely done Wafaie, Claudia, Kaelo, Tom, and DJ. I need to head to my next meeting. Great questions from the audience.