Countway Cinema: Salt In My Soul - Shared screen with speaker view
Peter Hartmann
Wonder if the panel could address the issue of what I call "life with an 'if'" My older son has hemophilia, and I would say things like, "Yes, we will come to your party, but only IF Dan does not have a bleed. I see the same issue with epilepsy, and I imagine that happens with CF as well. Thanks.
Arlene M. Katz
Note the challenge of ‘co-authors’ could you also address the larger context: navigating fragmentation
Arlene M. Katz
of multiple viewpoints of generalists, specialists, researchers and of course dealing with uncertainty.
Armand Amini
Would love to hear the panel’s perspective on this:
Armand Amini
Audiovisual media, particularly film and TV is arguably the most accessible form of media that exists, both in terms of its reach and the nature of its consumption. What sort of role do you believe film and television should play in advocating for social change, particularly in relation to our healthcare system, given the power that audiovisual storytelling has and how open people are to new people/characters, worlds, and ideas, or known structures presented in novel ways when watching film/TV, perhaps more than in any other context?
Armand Amini
Thank you so much, not presenting this as an explicit form of education but rather as an engaging and challenging story that so happens to inform audiences seems to be the ideal sort of approach
Lisa Wong
Diane Shader Smith
Peter Hartmann
As a family doctor and psychiatrist, I am interested in the effect of chronic disease on family members. I wonder if Diane could give some perspective on her experience.
Melanie Fu
Hi! Thank you for this wonderful panel. I’m a graduate of the narrative medicine program at Columbia who is also hoping to go to med school so I really appreciate conversations like this. For the physicians on the panel - could you talk a little about how you pursued and balanced medicine and the arts/kept an even keel? Thanks!
Charles Mathias
Wonderful conversation, thank you 👏🏻
Kelly Keena
Thank you!
Glenn Stern
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Bruce Freesteps
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Priya Amin
Thank you so much!