Energy Policy Seminar: Judy Chang on “Planning for Decarbonization at the State Level” - Shared screen with speaker view
Anett Ludwig
Hi,thank you for hosting this exciting presentation. I have a question regarding "energy justice communities".I come from Germany and there the definition of energy justice does not exist in the legislation. So how specifically does the State of Massachusetts support energy justice communities / vulnerable communities ? How are they involved e.g. through funding? Are there already examples of success?Thank you,Anett
Amanda Sardonis
Please use the Q&A function to submit your questions. Thank you!
Anett Ludwig
Sure. Thank you for the advice.
Kevin Leahy
Re carbon removal, EPRI has done some work which suggest that Direct Air Capture may be helpful (and economic) as part of a carbon mitigation portfolio. Is that on the radar in your offices?
Kevin Leahy
Yes, not just renewables -- transmission! Bring in that wind and hydro from Midwest and Canada.
Amanda Sardonis
Kevin, can you pop your question into the Q&A box?