ZPH Session led by Thomas Lewis from WSP / SIAB - Shared screen with speaker view
John Chow
The new FEMA funding source for Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) can be geared toward multi-purpose projects.
cris liban
going to bob Beinstein question, there is the ASCE Sustainable Infrastructure Standard that is going out this fall.
Bob Beinstein
Great to hear, Cris! Little bites - eventually maybe we can eat the whole apple!
cris liban
to John Markowitz question, we need to talk about these projects aligned with what the policymakers are familiar with. Here at LA Metro, sustainability is an integral part of the capital programming and maintenance, not separate so we build it in, despite our $2B deficit this coming year
Sharon Wright
Way to go Cis Liban - hope LA Metro doesn't mind a couple of us St. Pete folks registering for your upcoming Envision Trainings - since they are virtual!
Roberto Mezzalama
Another angle to consider is that of the environmental and determinants of health linked to infrastructures sustainability
Elizabeth Heider
I passionately agree with the need for seeking value. Formal VE is actually a great way to build value if you use the force for good. Check out https://www.value-eng.org/
I Lehmann
I am working on the UK's biggest infrastructure / transport project at present - Highspeed 2 - a new Highspeed Rail Line project connecting the south (Start at London) with the north of England, which has been through many public challenges over the years. Sustainability and Future Ready is a key part of the overall development of the scheme. The project which is government funded.
Elizabeth Heider
Is the CEO/Leadership publication Tom spoke about available?
John Chow
For Cris Liban, we want to envision the future for transit agencies using tools such as scenario planning, engagement with other stakeholders, partnerships, understanding the role of transit to be part of the solution for larger societal issues, and many other multi-disciplinary solutions. Thanks.
Marc Older
I am working with a solar powered Personal Rapid Transit system developer helping them modify the system to respond to the virus and future similar issues.
John Chow
We have good solutions for placing stormwater discharge flows under the street for better infiltration into aquifers. This comes from our Canadian water and landscape architecture colleagues in Toronto.
Marc Older
We are adding Automated Dicontamination between riders,
Judith Rodriguez
Further reading in our link https://research.gsd.harvard.edu/zofnass/menu/events/forthcoming/sharing-wsp-impacts-opportunities/
Marc Older
We are adding Automated Decontamination between riders, No exposure to others waiting in stations and pedestrian movement between subway routes, only share pods with people in your bubble. I would appreciate any references to similar work or studies that may be useful. marcolder@gmail.com
Bob Beinstein
Tom, you guys are clearly out on the leading edge. Could there be a HZP case study around healthcare facilities here somewhere. Could be most valuable in our current window of opportunity!
I Lehmann
Very great session, very interesting insights. Thank you