MEMCARE-SRC Speaker Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Celia Chen
Great talk, Laurel!! So informative. As someone who is overwhelmed by the amount of new information coming out in the literature on PFAS every week, I wondered how you update the public about new findings and the new compounds being added to the list of analyzed compounds?
Zhenyu Tian
Thanks for the great talk. I wonder if there is any developed source tracking method for PFAS, or it's just "proposed"?
Josie Willis (she/her) UL CIEHS
Laurel, thank you for sharing so many resources! I am tuning in from KY at the University of Louisville's Center for Integrative Environmental Health Sciences and we are seeing more contaminations in drinking water from underground aquifers. It is a challenging problem as PFAS can be so easily spread, especially through water. Do you have any water filtration systems you recommend?
Loreen Hackett
The NASEM panel recommendations for the CDC on physician guidance on PFAS are due out sometime in June
Zhenyu Tian
Josie Willis (she/her) UL CIEHS
Thank you very much!