Friday Morning Seminar in Culture, Psychiatry and Global Mental Health - December 4, 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Erkan Saka
Under the Shadow: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4273292/
Tony V Pham
Grea job!!
orkideh behrouzan
Thank you Tony :)
Aneel Brar
A powerful and moving presentation. Thank you.
orkideh behrouzan
That’s very kind thank you Aneel
Arlene Katz
a tour de force… poetic, profound engagement on multiple levels…
Angela Filipe, Dr.
Ditto - powerful and poetic, I must say. (I’m biased :))
jaswant guzder
very moving and powerful poesis, thank you
Mary Jo DelVecchio Good
Superb talk Orkideh reminds me of so much about Iran times as well and Mike’s commentary as well
Lesley Sharp
A wonderful presentation. I’m sorry I must leave the seminar—I have another event at 11:30. I do hope that this appears in article form soon—I’d love to assign it as a course reading.
orkideh behrouzan
Thank you so much everyone.. very kind of you. Would love to hear your thoughts
Nanejae W.W.Nagbe
The affect on individual, social and political bodies that COVID 19 effect is good piece. Thank you
Angela Filipe, Dr.
I have a couple of questions/comments, including one on vulnerability and one on frontline staff.
Christopher Dole
That was a remarkable talk Orkideh. Mike was spot on, it was magisterial. It was good to see everyone. Sadly, I have to run to a meeting.
Andrea Chiovenda
Thank you very much Orkideh, it was very intriguing and though-provoking. Hope to see you soon again somewhere between Europe and the US. Bye everybody, see you all soon as well.
kendyl salcito
this was so powerful and has so many echoes in the US. the multi-faceted, multi-layered nature of state failure to manage the crisis is never so well articulated. thank you so, so much!
Mona Rahmani
Thank you all. I must jump on another meeting. Looking forward to more of these discussions!
Ngirinshuti Theogene
Thanks, everyone. Great presentation.
Erkan Saka
Thank you for the presentation, I have to attend another meeting now. Bye all!
Wonyun Lee
Thank you so much. It is 2am in Seoul now. Going to bed, but the presentation was so powerful and conversation was so enlightening!
Tony V Pham
i think you have to click gallery view to see everyone
Amy Moran Thomas
Thank you so much, Orkideh! Sorry that arrived later from another meeting and have to head to another now, but can’t wait to watch the video. I don’t know if you might be able to join us next week, but the talk I’m slated to give on “Anthropology of a Fever Dream” is also about the dissolution of reality during pandemic, looking out from my own family’s experience getting Covid… would love to trade comparative notes sometime. Look forward to seeing many of you then!
Angela Filipe, Dr.
Auto-immunity pathologies?
Sepideh Behroozan
Thank you all for having me in this session.
Angela Filipe, Dr.
Thanks so much Orkideh, Sadeq, Byron, Jo, Mike and all. Really delighted come aboard these Friday seminars. I learned so much already in one session. Looking fwd to the next ones! Be well and take care everyone.