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Wentao Xiong
Based on your experience, how important are role models? I heard from friends in China who work in disadvantaged schools that, because very few, if any, of the students there have gone to 4-year colleges, their students rarely want to make the effort to study hard in order to go to college.
who recommended him for the principal job when he got the job? I missed it
Yuko Thomas
His mentor.
Julian Petri (he/his)
Apologies if this question was already answered: will the recording be available later?
Victoria (Vicky) Leung
Julian, yes. We will make recording available.
Pasha Michaelsen
You spoke about survival and the challenges of being seen as a swot - can you talk about that in relation to NCS’s academic environment? How do you do things differently?
Charlotte desk
@Yuko Thomas thank you. His mentor at the law firm? His mentor from where recommended him for the principal job?
Wentao Xiong
Indeed a very high % of your students manage to go to elite universities, but there are always some who don't. For those, what options do you help them figure out? Again hearing from my friends who work in disadvantaged schools in Beijing, there are lots of vocational schools, some good, some bad, but these students and their parents typically can't tell, so providing info and advising about these vocational schools is very useful.
Charlotte desk
What do you look for in the personal statements when students apply to your school?
Peter Fleming
Congratulations. The culture you have achieved sounds impressive. Of course, selecting the very best and most ambitious students from disadvantaged groups must help. There is much talk currently about the under achievement of black youngsters and white working class youngsters. Do you think you could achieve the same 'no excuses' culture in a less selective sixth form?
Anushka Fernando-Goonetilleke
How do you change the attitude of teachers towards these students and believe in your mission?
Rodrigo Abdalla
If a student cannot go to NCS, because of distance for example, what's the "secret sauce" for them to make it to Ivy League or Russell Group universities while studying in other comprehensive schools?
Julian Petri (he/his)
Is the percentage of your students who go to top universities higher than the corresponding percentage among the entire student population with the scores that qualify them for your school? I’m sure you have many measures of success, but I’m curious about this one (and I wonder to what extent you find it relevant). Relatedly, I wonder what your approach might do for students who are not already doing well in the meritocracy? Or is it simply not for them?
Wentao Xiong
Many thanks to @Vicky for raising my questions, and to @Mouhssin for great answers!
Kendra France
Do you think there is an advantage to studying at a Ivy League school as opposed to Russell Group universities?
Dayo Obe
Congratulations on your achievements. Excellent work. Apart from their educational attainments do you prepare them to have a great experience socially in these IVY Universities. I suspect probably easier in the US than in the UK.
Anushka Fernando-Goonetilleke
In my experience, most teachers in the general population are prejudiced against students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Can you please speak about the recruitment process, and training and on the role teachers play in the transformation of students. How do you make the teachers believe in the students
Eugene Maslov
We have relatively young children (10, 9 and 7 years old). What are the key few things would you suggest we focus on now and going forward (attitudes, skills, experiences, etc.) so that in due course they could get into a top university such as Oxford or Harvard?
How could your successful work be systematically replicated elsewhere (i.e. other schools across the country)? What is needed? What would you recommend?
Ed Adshead-Grant
How do you keep the commitment of the best teachers and manage the exit the worst ones?
When you identify a student who is struggling, what interventions do you put into place?
Peter Fleming
You mentioned the importance for you of the aspirations your own parents had for you. Not all youngsters have supportive parents or carers. Do you think it is possible for an institution to overcome parental apathy or even hostility towards education?
MA Bravo
What about the potential down side of high expectations/competition? Have you had many issues relating to anxiety in high performers? How do you manage that balance between a high performance culture and performance anxiety?
Anushka Fernando-Goonetilleke
Getting admission to universities is a great goal to aim for, but increasingly there are students who find success through alternative routes (setting up businesses, apprenticing, self study through online courses etc). Is your school currently focussing only on university admission as a measure of success/ideal follow up to your programme? Would you dissuade high achieving students from pursuing alternative routes?
Kendra and Dina
Do you think there is an advantage to studying at a Ivy League school as opposed to Russell Group universities?
John Fitzgerald
Congratulations - you are an inspiration to your teachers, your students, their parents. And, if I may say, to us, the members of the Harvard Club. Well done and thank you for sharing your journey with us.
What are your enforcement mechanisms for no cell phone use? How do you enforce your rules?
Where do your Ivy League students go after graduation? Stay in U.S. or come back to U.K.? Do they have the U.K. connections for getting jobs?
Regarding picking courses, did you mean apply to a course of study at Oxford that is less competitive in terms of admissions?
N Bana
How much of a role do Mentors play in helping to develop the students?
Dayo Obe
Thank you very much. Excellent work
Really great discussion, thank you