PGSSC Morning Report: Guest Speakers - Shared screen with speaker view
Hassan Daoud
Huge Improvement happening in Ethiopia, there is only one referral center in Somaliland, at Edna Adan Hospital, and only one surgical trainee knows how to do vp shunt and spinal bifida.
Hassan Daoud
sadly Mekele University hospital because of the conflict NS progresses have stopped recently and surgeons have been relocated to adisababa. Hope things get back to normal, and conflicts in some regions end asap.
Belain Eyob
Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed
Great talk Mr Yakob.I had a quick question. I was surprised to see how nearly all of Europe does not fortify folate - especially considering how the intervention is "low cost, high impact".Any reason as to why this is the case? Is this indication that other policy measures are more effective (?better ANC follow up) Are there any lessons that Ethiopia can learn from this?
Mesekerem Denekew
Thank you Dr. Yakob
Belain Eyob
Thank you so much for an incredible talk! As others have mentioned, sounds like such wonderful low cost high impact intervention. Have there been any family planning education and programs/population control efforts being rolled out in tandem to tackle or address the impact this may have on family sizes in the years ahead?
Gail Rosseau
To get involved in GAPSBi-F and Advocacy on this issue, please email me at : gailrosseaumd@gmail.com…All welcome!
Mehari Gebreyohanns
Exciting! Africa hosting its own Transcontinental African Stroke Organization Conference ASOC 2021 Check: https://link.zixcentral.com/u/f5824099/KIudgmj56xGKLwTPhnsoMg?u=https%3A%2F%2Fasoc2021.vfairs.com%2F