A Tale of Two Viruses (and Modeling): A Public Health Perspective - Shared screen with speaker view
Lucas Chu
https://www.cdc.gov/norovirus/about/index.html for more details (apparently it kills 200k a year)
Brandon Feole
What makes noroviruses, and some similarly spread illnesses like C.diff such good potential candidates for HAIs? It seems like they wouldn't be super effective given the hygiene standards in hospitals preventing this sort of contamination.
Brandon Feole
Is research like this one of the factors pushing the reduced, or eliminated, use of gloves in restaurants in certain states like California and instead a heightened focus on frequent and effective hand washing?
Lucas Chu
does hand washing with gloves include washing the gloves?
Brandon Feole
IF you want I can say it out loud
Brandon Feole
On the x-axis of that graph, it defines handwashing efficacy as measure of virion removal, how was this measurement taken and did you notice any interesting patterns, behaviors, or the like that impacted handwashing efficacy?
Brandon Feole
So this measurement is more based on the tools used to wash hands (soaps) rather than an physical measurement which could be impacted by technique and such? Or were you able to do those PCR tests on the employees directly?
Lucas Chu
Brandon Feole
Has any research been done concerning the size of a viral genome and its effects in humans (and other factors like effectiveness as a pathogen)?
Lucas Chu
158 degrees F
aasmi maam
I am not sure if it is a relevant question. Has the virus stayed the same size during all its mutations?
Lucas Chu
why did it increase over time on average at some temperatures
Brandon Feole
I read an article on how a specific mutation in a lab caused the coronavirus to become more infectious as it grew an increased number of attachment points to attach to human cells and said points became more stable compared to "normal" COVID-19
Brandon Feole
Well not a question, addressing the other question
Brandon Feole
There is some interesting research where they modeled aerosol and droplet spread through the different types of masks to understand how materials and layering in masks increased efficacy, so that research might be of interest to you as it sounds like what you are referring to
B. Aditya Prakash
Brandon Feole
Do you think that the gap in scientific literacy between researchers such as yourself and the general public, and some politicians, affects compliance with things like social distancing and mask wearing as it is harder to use this research to demonstrate your point and justify said measures?
Brandon Feole
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