ZPH/SIAB Interactive Session hosted by John Spengler and Joe Allen from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. - Shared screen with speaker view
John Bolduc
Have you dealt with the equity issues, or perception of equity, in applying the hierarchy of controls? Some managers worry that allowing some people to stay home while others have to be physically present to do their jobs, eg. manager vs custodian, is unfair.
John Markowitz
Two thoughts on Healthy Buildings and this great discussion; 1) I am struck with how important building controls engineers are and will become even more so. Without them, healthy buildings cannot operate correctly. Workforce training and then budget allocations for this important role will become even more vital.
John Markowitz
2) What are everyone's thoughts on Wi-Fi, cell phone radiation, 5G and healthy buildings? Some increasing research on ties to cancer. Are we in danger with all of the Wi-Fi passing by our heads in buildings and working at home? Will 5G make us less safe in this regard?
Ramon Sanchez Pina
If we will not have a vaccine yet, and (so far) limited testing and tracing, what are we supposed to do?
Ramon Sanchez Pina
Ask people to wear facemasks and enforce it?
Ramon Sanchez Pina
Increase ventilation in buildings and install high performance particle filters- HEPA?
John Macomber
@Ramon Sanchez - it also appears from the social distancing curves that longer distancing leads to a higher second spike. What is the benefit in that? Is there a missing overlay of fewer deaths in the longer distancing scenario?
Bob Beinstein
A comment & question on social distancing work-from-home. I facilitated 3 sessions of a business leader conversation, and one takeaway is that over the long term, WFH is tough to sustain. Clearly, WFH is here to stay, at least in some form. But the absence of the social interactivity and idea generation (the "water cooler" effect) that such interactivity often brings can stunt effectiveness of the workforce. Is anyone aware of technologies or methodologies that have demonstrated success at bringing teams together, even when working at distance?
Ramon Sanchez Pina
@John Macomber. You are right, I think the answer should be to be prepared and protect the population as much as we can, until we have a vaccine. However, that would be really difficult
Ramon Sanchez Pina
Let's see what are the recommendations
Ramon Sanchez Pina
At this moment, what I'm recommending governments in Latin America is to do national campaigns to test people for diabetes and hypertension
Ramon Sanchez Pina
In this way people that didn't know about their condition can take care of themselves better
Ramon Sanchez Pina
Either diabetes or hypertension increase the likelihood of dying between 55 and 59%.
Ramon Sanchez Pina
I can share the reference for this fact
Jim Grant
What about the use of heat to kill the virus in HVAC systems?
Deepa Sathiaram
There have been studies recently stating that people exposed to poor air quality over a long period of time are more vulnerable to COVID. In India this is a cause of concern since most people especially in certain cities like Delhi have been exposed to high PM levels for many years. Is there data that provides evidence that such people are likely to be more severally affected by COVID
cris liban
I like what we are talking about here, but we should factor in that people need to get to the building somehow. in many places like us here in LA, a significant number of people who use our system are transit dependent. two items: 1. those who have alternatives will get into the controlled building; 2) those who need to use public transport to get to the building. our biggest challenge is the overall dynamics of interaction in a get back to work process: controls prior to getting to work, getting into work, and at work, then going back to their homes. and who knows what the situation is there. complicated.
Ramon Sanchez Pina
@ Cris Liban. Asthma or previous lung health issues have been considered as risk factors as well. They increase the rate of mortality compared to healthy people of the same age bracket
Daniel Beaudoin
It would be interesting to understand the ventilation rates for this floor. What % OA and ACH?
Ramon Sanchez Pina
Bye everyone, I need to go because I will be teaching a webinar in 2 minutes
Deepa Sathiaram
Most office spaces in India are densely occupied. So post lockdown government is mandating that only 33% of the office can be occupied at any point in time. Not sure if this the right approach but hopefully can help reduce dense occupancy and exposure when these offices get operational soon again
cris liban
Question for John and Joe on the social distancing slide and leading to more infections over the long term slide: where are the equity issues factoring in on the analysis. Many of those getting sick are coming in from minority and vulnerable populations.
Holly Samuelson
Would others in the audience be interested in hearing more about building controls?
jose cedeno
seems some people are wearing the masks as bathing suits
John Macomber
@ Cris - Giant problem. Deepa also raises this. WFH is only an option for knowledge workers with good tech and with Western style homes! Similar for "wash your hands for 20 seconds" Hard to do if you don't have running water. Similarly the NYC cases are very disproportionally people of color - anecdotally probably because they have to keep working to survive and they are high risk high contact jobs, or because their living conditions notably in the Queens cluster are very dense, or because as was said earlier there is a high proportion of underlying chronic conditions -- likely exacerbated by poor access to health care. As with a lot of things, if you have access to information and to capital you will be ok but if you don't have good information and you don't have money you will be worse off than before. Especially in the kind of free-for-all in US response to date.
Aladdine Joroff
The MA Attorney General's Office issued a report looking at the distribution of COVID cases, noting disproportionate impacts on certain communities. It's available at https://www.mass.gov/info-details/ago-environmental-justice-brief#read-the-brief-
John Macomber
@ Holly Samuelson - Building controls & sensors & the interaction with the HPI Health Performance Indicators that Joe mentions is potentially a rich research (and better practice) area.
Ken Kruckemeyer
I would be interested in a discussion of the thoughts about the workers (other people) who support the operation of a building: the cleaners, maintenance, tech support, etc that make it possible for the workers (people we have mostly been talking about) to return to work.
John Macomber
@Ken K - plus bus drivers and water plant workers and similar: if they don't thrive, nobody thrives.
Holly Samuelson
How do you feel about UV treatment in ducted air?
jose cedeno
Thanks Jack, Joe and Judith
Holley Chant
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joan zofnass
Thank you Jack and Joe! Fabulous presentation most fondly Joan and Paul
Holly Samuelson
Thank you Joe, Jack, Judith.
Daniel Beaudoin
Great program! Thanks for the invite. I have a 12:30 zoom and have to leave now. Great seeing all of my EH friends! Looking forward to in person someday. Danny
Beth Heider
Will you kindly send the link to these slides to the attendees or post a link? So very useful. And Healthy Buildings is incredibly engaging read. Well done!!!
jose cedeno
Just as we have now large scale ability to do energy modeling, we should develop large scale CFD modeling to know flow paths in buildings. That, together with known ventilation should assist decision making in every single space.
Joe Allen
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Daniel Borelli
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Chris Barron
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John Markowitz
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Thomas Gloria
Great session - Thanks to ZPH and HSPH!
Youn Sim
Thanks for the invite. We public agencies providing essential services to public truly appreciate this type of discussion in our decision making process. pls keep me posted in your future study. Youn Sim from LA County.
Drew Kane
The City of Cambridge thanks you for this excellent session. It's especially important for local governments like ours.
Bob Beinstein
@Joan and @Jack. This point on real estate is HUGE! But, is there opportunity there? TOD? Affordable housing? Restructuring some of these as hybrid public/private spaces for separated working? This upheaval is bringing change we are only beginning to understand. @Spiro, this may be right in your world.
Roberto Mezzalama
Sorry I need to leave. Spiro you let me know if you want to know more about what we are doing here. Thanks for another interesting workshop.
Bob Beinstein
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Trevor O'Brien
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