Green Cards and Work Visas: What Do I Need to Know? - Shared screen with speaker view
Luis Hernandez-Nunez
the audio is very noisy
Katy Cheng
Hi when the recording is available, can you send us the the file or the weblink? thank you!
Aji Wibowo Suharto
Hi, will this presentation be shared?
Darryl Zeigler
The recording and slides pdf will be available after the webinar.
Nikita Lledo
Can you apply for the diversity lottery while working on my OPT and currently in the US
tupa basuroy
For an Indian national on first 3 years of H1B, how early should one start for H1B extension filing for next 3 years? Also, when do you suggest to apply for employer based GC filing for an Indian national on H1B? Could you please provide a reference list of immigration lawyers for consultation or cv review? Thanks