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Aneel Brar
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Arlene Katz
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Amy Moran Thomas
Many thanks for this, Joe. Sorry all that I have a committee meeting at 10:30, but grateful to catch this opening — take care everyone.
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jane holmes bernstein
I deeply appreciate your analysis - and feel strongly that it has implications for EBP in the non-AI cultureajor problem of the whole EBP conceptualization is the lack of appreciation of what "client values" actually means - the entire contribution of culture to the shaping of persons - at the brain level as well as the psychological and social levels. A second major issue is the nature of expertise. It often appears as though folks think that it is somehow a self-evident concept that doesn't have to be explained/analyzed. My colleague and I have been arguing that EBP requires "evidence based thinking" and that this is the critical foundation of expertise. Your questioning of "technical proficiency" as the be-all and end-all is greatly appreciated. Such evidence based thinking necessarily incorporates the full meaning of a client's (and his or her community's) values before any "technical proficiencies" can begin to be formulated.
Aneel Brar
Wonderful presentation. Thank you
Comfort Ogar
This has been a very interesting presentation. I wonder if the issue of 'our culture as medicine' is a position that is shared across generations. Is this a view held by AIs of younger age?
Kendyl Salcito
THANK YOU so much for this presentation.In the context of pregnancy-related depression and anxiety, non-white women have voiced to me that western treatments weren't designed for them, and that western concepts of perinatal 'normalcy' don't apply.Has Dr. Gone or anyone on this call given attention to they specific lived experiences of indigenous women?
Arlene Katz
Your talk and commitment calls to mind Carolyn Attneave’s work drawing on her Indian background to re-tribalize people’s distress in context of social networks. This carried over relational process that has been carried over internationally to Finland, Norway.
jane holmes bernstein
We need to do a better job of teaching how culture - any culture - affects the development of persons in the training of professionals.
I have an intervention please based on presentation made
Galaxy A21s
great talk and discussion, will see you all next week. cheers
Saime Ozcurumez
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Dan Dohan (he/him)
tremendous presentation and discussion. thank you all! until next week...
Michael Nathan
This is making me think deeply about the way in which the cult of the individual permeates at least American medical care from top to bottom. There are recent articles about the error in separating public health and medical care, that we are now reaping the negative results of under COVID. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting, but it seems to me one way of thinking about the resistance of EBP to traditional healing practices may be deeply rooted in this differential valuation of the individual over group, society, and culture.
Hamda Alsuwaidi
Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation and discussion .. see you all next week!
I love this consideration of culture as treatment but wondering if culture serves as a tool of diagnosis of mental health problems. I would assume that at some levels we all are cultural hybrids and this could have the consequences of finding mental health problem in nearly everyone exposed to “competing” cultures. and secondary, do you engage into cross-cultural therapies ?
this is a tremendous presentation and discussion. thank you all! until next week.
Telling stories is a used nd effective therapeutic tool...
Michael Nathan
There are a couple of participants with hands up in the participant list, as well.
Eric Jacobson
One obstacle to NIMH duding and to practical adoption is lack of a mechanistic explanation that is acceptable lo Western science which programmatic ally excludes supernatural explanatiions. This can be a decisive e obstacle even when there are multiple positive RCTs, e.g. there are such for homeopathy, more so than for any other kind of alternative therapy, but no acceptance or use in biomedical institutions because no scientifically credible mechanism. contract acupuncture which is in many hospitals and clinics not only because of multiple positive RCTs but because there is a credible mechanism “diffuse noxious inhibition”
Lance Laird (he/him)
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Maria de lourdes beldi de alcantara
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Comfort Ogar
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Michael Nathan
Joe and all, thank you for all of this. A great presentation and deeply resonant comments. I feel like we could spend hours unpacking this and it's manifestations across so many domains. Wonderful!
Chiamaka Ikpeze
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Joe Calabrese
Yes, wish we had much more time to discuss! Could extend a long time.
jaswant guzder
thank you for a rich and important presentation offering a framework for the tensions of historical and collective trauma , the narratives and rituals of healing vs a pharma and evidence based framework with dsm foundations, most appreciated
Tony V Pham
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