Longwood Author Series: Borrowing Life - Shared screen with speaker view
Yasmina Kamal
As a reminder: you can type your questions into the chat box throughout the presentation, or feel free to wait and ask them at the end!
Susan Pauker
Our neighbor Dr. John Merrill, the kidney specialist on the first renal transplant, died prior to the Nobel Prize, most unfortunately. But his grandson was our student at HMS!
Edward Chen
How did your interest in this subject start?
Edward Chen
WOW, really neat!
Cathy Pate
Is there a lot about John Merrill and his contribution in your book?
ketan patel
could you talk or comment about the recent First transplant of a genetically altered pig heart into a person?
Elizabeth Dooling
I’ve heard that more hearts are available for transplant in some parts of the country got the very sad reason that overdoses are providing the organs
Jay Makadia
What did you mean by saying you couldn't write fiction anymore because you weren't "cool" enough? Aren't there many fiction writers in your age group? You are a great writer, why does your age matter?
Elizabeth Dooling
UNOS is a national organization. But so many people are on the waiting list for all organs! The kidney transplant chain is a great way to get more.
Yasmina Kamal
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Edward Chen
Thank you!!!