Stronger Together: Enhancing UAB-Harvard Collaborations to Fight HIV - Shared screen with speaker view
Jon Li, MD, MMSc
Lynn, do you want to monitor the chat box for Qs for the UAB speakers and I'll do the same for the Harvard speakers? We should have time for a couple of Qs after each talk.
Jon Li, MD, MMSc
Crud. I think that wrote that in the chat for everyone. Oh well.
Jon Li, MD, MMSc
Hi Everyone, please post your questions for the speakers in the chat box and we'll get to it after each talk and/or during the panel discussion at the end. Thank you!
The recording of this symp will be posted to the HU CFAR website https://cfar.globalhealth.harvard.edu/
Jon Li, MD, MMSc
@Aadia, how has covid affected the strategic plan for ending the HIV epidemic? Also, can you elaborate on any cohorts of participants currently followed by UAB as part of clinical studies that might be of interest for collaborative studies?
Jessica Haberer
Excellent talk, Aadia! UAB has done a phenomenal job engaging with the public health system. Could you comment on how you got those relationships going? I think that's a potential area for growth within the Harvard CFAR.
Jon Li, MD, MMSc
We'll skip the Q&A and go straight to Emily's talk after Doug's section
Rajesh Gandhi, MD
@Ken, you mentioned differences in the HIV epidemic between the northeast and the south. Are there differences in substance use disorder in PWH between Boston and Birmingham? I know opiate use disorder is a major problem in Massachusetts with increasing use of meth. Is it similar in Birmingham?
Jon Li, MD, MMSc
@Ken, we'll take Raj's 1 Q before moving on to Emily
Lynn Matthews, MD, MPH
As an ID consultant in both places there is a devastating amount of OUD and meth use here in BHM. But I don’t know the epi.
Paul Goepfert, MD
Ellen is currently on an NIH Study section and could not be on the call.
monty montano
Great talk. Circadian rhythms/sleep disturbances may be related to dementia progression and exacerbated in PLWH. Are there opportunities for comparative studies in the South and new England?
Jon Li, MD, MMSc
Sorry about that. Connection issues, but I'm back now
Lynn Matthews, MD, MPH
Sorry Borris!!!
Rajesh Gandhi, MD
Boris, Monogram has an assay to assess bNAb susceptibility. Is the assay you described similar? Do you have a sense of how often the Monogram assay doesn't yield a result and, if so, what the causes are?
Christina Ochsenbauer
Our assay uses infectious molecular clones. We can produce virus in primary cells to compare to 293T derived virus
Christina Ochsenbauer
we have also have shown that our amplicons represent sequence varinats found with the much more labor intensive Q2VOA
Rajesh Gandhi, MD
Agree with Paul about the opportunities for bioinformatics collaborations. Here's the link to our biostatistics and bioinformatics core. Happy to discuss further. https://cfar.globalhealth.harvard.edu/pages/core-f-biostatistics
Andrea Ciaranello
Yes to an in person CROI meeting! I would love to think together about opportunities for collaboration in pregnancy, pediatrics, and adolescents.
Donna Porter
That works. Mark and I could bring these ideas to the respective leadership groups for input.
Mike Saag, MD
Mark P. Ingaciola
Thanks, Mike. I would be happy to serve in this role and will connect with Donna.
Paul Goepfert, MD
Was just going to mention that we do have cohorts and samples of HIV patients who were infected and/or vaccinated with COVID. Would be interested in collaborative ideas/grants