ZPH Session led by Chris Barron from Bentley Systems and SIAB - Shared screen with speaker view
Youn Sim
Hello from Los Angeles County. Very timely discussion on how tech can help sustainable infra. major challenge I have been working on is to demonstrate how can tech help quantify the benefits, not just econ benefits, of sustainable practices so that local government or companies can use them for business decision making process. It is a critical element to keep sustainability as an element of business operations.
Aladdine Joroff
Youn Sim - have you had any input from insurance companies with respect to monetizing the value of any climate change adaptation measures? Some insurers use this type of methodology in their underwriting, but I'm not aware of whether that information is publicly available. I think the insurer's information would focus on buildings/infrastructure first, but may also have information on medical costs, business interruption, etc.
Youn Sim
@Aladine that's a good idea. I will check with insurance industries. Thanks!
Judith Rodriguez