US Covid/Air pollution presser - Shared screen with speaker view
Sara Stefanini
We’ll open it up to questions next, so feel free to send them through
Chloe Revill
How do we ensure that our scientists and health professionals are at the heart of designing our economic recovery packages, so that we recover in a way that promotes public health?
Leslie Hook
Is there a link between air pollution and the severity of coronavirus? Eg do more polluted cities experience more severe coronavirus epidemics?
Christina Pazzanese
Do the dramatic environmental changes (cleaner air over Madrid, LA, or Venice waterways, for example) we’ve seen in the last weeks suggest that prior damage may be repaired or reversed more quickly than we thought and perhaps made permanent with different approaches than previously thought?
Bill Mitchell
In addition to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we're coming up on the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si', Pope Francis' encyclical on climate change. What's been the impact of that document on the climate movement over the past year -- and what would you like to see religious leaders and people of faith generally do to address the climate crisis going forward?
David LaRoss
Following on from what Maria said, if the coronavirus shows how effectively we can mobilize to confront a public-health crisis, what does framing climate change as a public health crisis look like? What should environmental groups like NRDC be doing to carry this forward?
Jeff Brady
For Gina McCarthy, what does the U.S. response to the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic say to you about the capacity of the country to address climate change? Also, what is your plan for Earth Day this year?
Don Paul
From Don Paul, Buffalo News for Gina McCarthy: Since many of us have a "triage" mentality during this catastrophe, what ideas do you have for bringing the subjects of air pollution and a warming climate back to more prominence?
Zerin Osho
Historically, countries with unreliable electric networks have relied on absorption refrigeration, that run on kerosense to keep vaccines safe for storage and transport. that are powered using kerosene. To what extent are these kerosene fridges still in use?
Betsy Ladyzhets
Dr. Bernstein -- what is the name of this air pollution study? Could a link be sent to the chat?
Liz Purchia
here’s the study https://projects.iq.harvard.edu/covid-pm/people/francesca-dominici
Liz Purchia
Lindsay Smith
For Maria - are there particular voices that you think would be powerful to make the links between air quality and covid/ recovery and climate resilience? Who should be fronting this message.
Question for McCarthy, but for any of the panelists also: Clearly climate-friendly policies can provide long term improvements to public health, but what would you say to local officials and governors, coming out of COVID 19, as FIRST priorities for local and regional governments? I am thinking of policies to take advantage of reducing travel (online work/school, etc.). Where should the priorities be in the first 12-24 months to address BOTH COVID 19 and Climate Change? (Daniel Taillant, Center for Human Rights and Environment)
I didn’t mean to limit my example to travel, … but ANY policies to take advantage of benefits of linkages
Chloe Revill
Question for all/any of you: Are any of you (or your colleagues) being consulted by economic ministries in the design of recovery packages? If not, how do we make that happen?
Chloe Revill
(It feels like this could be demanded by the public, given the level of public support/appreciation for our health care workers at this time)
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Andrea Lee