Longwood Author Series: Letters to a young Female Physician - Shared screen with speaker view
Jacquelyn Leung
HI Suzanne, Did you thinking getting an MFA was important in developing your writing career?
Cynthia Cooper
How are writing groups helpful - asking as someone who has always written alone
Lisa Mayer
Can you speak more about the benefits for the practice of medicine that come (for you) from writing? Obviously the impetus to incorporate writing into an already busy life is fueled by what you gain, either personally or professionally.
Ellen Shrock
How did you make space in your career to pursue writing?
Ellen Shrock
Do you have difficulties working in a field where your colleagues might have a different "makeup" from you i.e. less interested in humanities, having a different mindset?
Ellen Shrock
Do you have regrets about your career choice? or do you think you made the best choices available to you?
Jacquelyn Leung
How did you decide to write predominantly nonfiction as opposed to fiction?
Lisa Wong
As writer in residence at MGH, how do you help others find their voice?
Jessica Wang
How do you feel about writing very personal/vulnerable things (about your weight loss efforts, your insecurities, etc.) and having them be public? Have you ever been worried about how this may impact your relationships?
Anupama Mehta
What is your schedule like, Dr. Koven? How often do you write and for how long?
Maryam Pervaiz
Dr. Koven, I really appreciated your take on origin myths in your book and how they are meant to be retold and reinterpreted again and again. At what point in one’s career/journey do you think it’s important to reevaluate and retell your origin story?
Patricia Preval
Is there a good way to write about philosophy? (If the topics we are obsessed with are ‘concepts’)
Jessica Wang
How do you feel about writing about vulnerable things from your personal life and having them be public?
Eman Ansari
What’s your take on sharing vulnerability from a place of strength as a woman versus the expected humility expected of women sharing their stories?
Meredith Ilyse Solomon