Three Perspectives, One Purpose: Why Medicine Needs Memoir - Shared screen with speaker view
Susie Perelman
So fantastic! What a wonderful informative presentation. Thanks for sharing your perspective and opening your hearts!
Gina VIld
I want to thank everyone for this powerful presentation. I recommend it be converted to a book or a more detailed presentation that is used to guide medical students at academic Mei al centers. There is such a need.
Pamela Poe
I so appreciate the three perspectives and these three intertwined stories. Thanks again to Maryanne O’Hara, for a second opportunity to hear your daughter’s story. I’m from University of the Sciences, and particularly appreciate the legacy story prompts.
Krisha Deaver
From Mallory's AP Lit teacher (with great love):How do you discipline yourself to write and document when writing forces you to more deeply immerse yourself in the past and ongoing trauma?
Gina VIld
I worked in cancer in the 80s and there were threads of this discussion raised by cancer patients. The momentum is much greater thanks to your books and books like Suzanne Kovend and Breath Become Air.
Edward Chen
Thank you so much for speaking about your experiences today. I agree the presentation was very touching.How have the rest of your families responded to grief or loss?
Kathy May Tran
We could hear, feel what a beautiful person Mallory was. Now her effect is amplified through her and your words. I wish I had met or cared for her. Thank you to everyone for sharing this beautiful tribute.
Mymai Yuan
Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful stories with us. I think one thing that is hard in storytelling for others is 1) how do we justice the complexity of one individual? And 2) when writing about patients or others, how do we know if it’s for us to write those stories? Especially as someone in global health, I worry a lot about unintentional extraction for individual career gains.
Kathy May Tran
When such an important like Mallory has lived such a big life, how did you consolidate the experiences into such a short presentation? A book? There is so much to say--how did you decide what to share? What advice do you have for others sharing medical memoirs to make our writing/storytelling most effective?
Pamela Poe
I’m hoping there’s a follow-up book to guide the writing of legacy stories, which is such a valuable and healing activity for both patients and providers, as well as their families.
Susie Perelman
I had the good fortune to knowing Mallory and her fam in Pittsburgh during the last months of her life. I also watched several of Diane’s early presentations soon after Mallory had passed away. Now having seen this lecture today, I can tell you that the evolution of you words, Diane, have been enriched by the perspective of the other speakers. The stories shared now have more layers and will be further reaching in the community. The messaging and impact of these stories will be magnified because of this brave collaboration. Bravo.
Yasmina Kamal
Krisha Deaver
Yasmina Kamal
Pamela Poe
Wonderful and thoughtful presentation!
Edward Chen
Thank you so much everyone! Have a great evening!