HU CFAR Grand Rounds : Optimizing PrEP Adherence: What do we know, and what do we need to know? - Shared screen with speaker view
Kenneth Mayer
Please add your questions to the chat
Monty Montano
Do pharmacogenetic differences influence interpreting average drug level adherence, from urine and hair?
Gerld Sharp
are there plans to extend the urine test for tenofovir to other ARVs?
Yannis Mameletzis
this is a fantastic seminar; I joined late, will recording be sent to participants?
Kenneth Mayer
Monica: wonderful talk. will be good for each speaker to address how their approaches might be used in the real world vs. in research studies
Hi, we will post the recording to our website https://cfar.globalhealth.harvard.edu/
Yannis Mameletzis
Greetings from Athens, there is a great app by UK group which is focused on both daily dosing and 211. https://mobile.twitter.com/preptrackapp/status/1457398700431532037
Udodirim Onwubiko
Thank you for a wonderful presentation! What happens when the pill is ingested but the study participant is not wearing the reader? Does this count as a misses dose?
Yannis Mameletzis
Nice to see you Ken!
Kenneth Mayer
Hi Yannis. glad you could attend
Natasha Ludwig-Barron
Dr Gandhi- I know there was pushback on taking hair samples from the African Americans from community members, particularly African American women. How have you addressed this in the US? And is this an issue in Africa?
Cara Frigand
PrEP for cisgender women seems to be considered a low priority, at least in the US. What are your feelings on new PrEP drugs like Descovy, which did not even bother to include biological females in their clinical trials? And is Truvada as effective for ciswomen as for men/trans women (perhaps drawing from data from sub-Saharan Africa)? Any gender differences in adherence in heterosexual couples?
Yannis Mameletzis
Thanks great talk Christina!
Yannis Mameletzis
Question: how do you account for 211/ED PrEP use - or will you - in future work? I know in the US the dosing recommended is daily - and there are challenges related to 211 dosing, but I am of the mindset giving people options. FYI, WHO will move towards a 211 dosing recommendation for all cis-gender men in coming months.
Yannis Mameletzis
(I know of course in SF and Boston your clinicians have been also providing guidance to PrEP users on 211)
Liz Salomon
Hi, Ken and Conall, So nice to be in your presence and to see our work on Life-Steps being adapted for PrEP purposes in such amazing ways (who would have thought we'd have this great resource available when we first wrote about this back in 2000?). Miss you all and hope that all is well with both of you. Many thanks to all the great presenters today!
Kenneth Mayer
Many thanks to each of you for wonderful presentations
Brian Minalga
Great event. Thanks!
Paloma Blair
Thank you all
Yannis Mameletzis
This was really wonderful, thank you for inviting people from Yale and not from Harvard!
Natasha Ludwig-Barron
Thank you all!! Great presentations
Sari Reisner
Thank you!