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Do you want a more personal, in-depth connection with some of the most fascinating people in the mineral world? Then tune in to Mineral Talks LIVE - the monthly LIVE interview series where we sit down with guests from all over the world and talk rocks. Collectors, Curators, Curatrixes, Artists, Researchers, Publishers, Dealers and more. We get into their origin stories and get updated on some of the things they're working on now. It's always fun, often educational and one of the best ways to learn more about the people who make the mineral world what it is.

Tune in on the first Wednesday of every month, listen to our LIVE talks and get a chance to ask our guests your own questions. It's one of the best and exciting new ways to keep us all connected in-between our normal mineral shows.

Mineral Talks LIVE - Brought to you by Dr. Raquel Alonso-Perez of The Mineralogical and Geological Museum at Harvard University (MGMH), Dr. Eloïse Gaillou of l’École des Mines de Paris, and The Society of Mineral Museums Professionals (SMMP) and Bryan Swoboda of BlueCap Productions.
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Richard and Douglas Graeme
Collectors @https://www.bisbeeminingandminerals.com
Richard and Douglas Graeme, born in Bisbee, Arizona, these twin brothers Doug & Rich Graeme, were collecting underground with his father by age six. Minerals and mining were the focal points of his youth, with many hundreds of hours spent underground in Bisbee and other western mining areas collecting minerals and mining artifacts. Currently, running tour groups through the famous Copper Queen Mine, Richard and Douglas also co-curate the Graeme Family Collection - a broad-based Bisbee collection of about 5,000 specimens with over 500 of them being display quality pieces. The majority of these specimens were field collected by the Graeme family - a tradition that dates back to 1895!!