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Phase Transitions and Topological Defects in the Early Universe
Event website: https://cmsa.fas.harvard.edu/phase-transitions/

The CMSA will host a workshop on Phase Transitions and Topological Defects in the Early Universe.

The next decade will see a wealth of new cosmological data, which can lead to new insights for fundamental physics. Upcoming facilities (such as LISA) will be able to probe signals of fascinating phenomena in the early universe. These include signals from "Phase Transitions and Topological Defects", which are ubiquitously given rise to in well-motivated UV models. In-depth studies of such signals requires cross talks between experts from a wide spectrum of fields.

The workshop aims to provide a platform for efficient exchange of new ideas related to these topics. It will start with an overview of some of the past a future experimental efforts. Next, there will be a substantial number of talks probing different aspects of phenomenology of phase transitions and topological defects in the early universe. It will finally close by discussions on recent formal development in the field.

Nancy Aggarwal (Northwestern)
Jae Hyeok Chang (UMD – JHU)
Yanou Cui (UC Riverside)
David Dunsky (UC Berkeley)
Isabel Garcia-Garcia (KITP – UCSB)
Oliver Gould (Nottingham)
Yann Gouttenoire (Tel Aviv)
Eleanor Hall (UC Berkeley)
Sungwoo Hong (Chicago)
Anson Hook (UMD)
Jessica Howard (UC Irvine)
Seth Koren (Caltech)
Mrunal Korwar (Wisconsin)
Soubhik Kumar (UC Berkeley)
Vuk Mandic (Minnesota)
Yuto Minami (Osaka)
Adam Moss (Nottingham)
Michael Nee (Oxford)
Kai Schmitz (CERN)
Stephen R. Taylor (Vanderbilt)
Ofri Telem (UC Berkeley)
Juven Wang (Harvard)
Yikun Wang (Caltech)
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