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The 2nd International Symposium on Diversity and Unity in Transnational Shi’a Islam
A historic symposium series bringing together diverse voices from leading scholars of Shi’a thought and identity across Zaydi, Ismaili, Alevi, Alawite, Bektashi, & Twelver Ja'fari Muslim traditions and beyond at Harvard University.

Monday, May 9th:
Welcome & Opening Remarks
10:45AM–11:00AM EDT

Keynote Address:
11:00AM–12:00PM EDT
Devin Stewart

Panel 1 | Intra-Shi’a Dialogue and Community Building in the West: Peace-Building and Civil Society
12:15PM–1:45PM EDT

Tuesday, May 10th
Panel 2 | The Imamate across Shi’a Traditions
1:00PM–2:30PM EDT

Wednesday, May 11th
Panel 3 | Ismaili Traditions in Central and South Asia
1:00PM–2:30PM EDT

Thursday, May 12th
Panel 4 | Comparative Approaches towards Shi’a Theology and Philosophy
2:00PM–3:30PM EDT

Friday, May 13th
Panel 5 | Shi’a Identities and Politics in the Modern Levant and Turkey
1:00PM–2:30PM EDT

Closing Remarks
2:30PM EDT | 11:30AM PDT

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