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Crisis Lawyering: Legal Practice in the New Normal
In an increasingly globalized world, a complex and interlocking web of nations, governments, non-state actors, laws, and rules affect human behavior. When crisis hits—whether that be extrajudicial detention, unprompted deportation, pandemics, or natural disasters—lawyers are increasingly among the first responders, equipped with the knowledge necessary to navigate the regulations of this ever more complex world.

While lawyers are often well prepared to support clients experiencing crises, what happens when such crises test their own professional identities and training in ways that directly impact them and their organizations?

Building off of the recent publication of Crisis Lawyering: Effective Legal Advocacy in Emergency Situations (NYU Press 2020), this Webinar brings together leading experts to identify and define what it means to engage in the practice of law in crisis situations and this new normal.

All Times EDT.

10:00AM-10:10AM – Welcome

10:10AM-10:30AM – Crisis Lawyering: Legal Practice in the New Normal

10:30AM -11:30AM – From the Front Lines: Case Studies in Crisis Lawyering

11:30AM-11:45AM – Break

11:45AM-12:45PM – How to Prepare Lawyers for 21st Century Crises?

12:45PM-1:15PM – Crisis Leadership and the Transformative General Counsel: Increasing Roles in Business, Government, and Society

1:15PM-1:30PM –What's Next?

Nov 5, 2021 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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